Be Active

Research has now shown the effect of physical activity on how long we live.

Socially Connect

Also the importance of staying socially connected is to our overall well-being
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The Vision

The Active Aging Hub is a community group where age is not a limitation, which offers the opportunity for challenging sporting activities, as well as the essential social interaction to develop new friendships and protect mental health.

The Values

1. Live Life to the Full

Life is not what has already happened, we are just at a different stage of life, with still more life to challenge us and to enjoy.


2. Be Active

Medical Science has determined that the more active you are in playing sports etc, the more likely you are to extend your life. Tennis players lived more than 9 years longer than people who were sedentary, topping the list of sports that add the most value.


3. Broaden the friendships base

Social Interactions are like vitamins and minerals for ageing brains, with ridiculously powerful implications. We are offering the opportunity for social connection at a time when our friends base is typically shrinking.


4. Care and be Helpful

No matter what our age or our position in life, we need friends who care. When things are not going as you wish or you are lonely, there is no better remedy than to have a friend to talk to. Be that friend.