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Toowong Tennis Old Dogs



About this Outstanding Tennis Group

The group started on the grass courts at Milton in the late 1970's when Dan Whitehead was the organiser. Dan was a senior Liberal Party figure in Queensland and an active member of the Brisbane Club. It is believed that initially, the players came from the Brisbane Club. There is still one member playing today from that time, Mr Rob Greenwood, who is still one of our top players.

In those days, after a good game of tennis, the players would adjourn to the adjacent Ten Pin Bowling centre for drinks. We are not sure why they went there in preference to the Queensland Tennis Club bar, perhaps because not all were members of the Queensland Tennis Club.

Dan Whitehead moved to the Sunshine Coast to live, and the organising of the group was taken over by Mr Ray Bricknell, who has stopped playing within the group, but is still our treasurer of the group and until recently was doing all the pairing of matches. By the time Ray took over, Milton Tennis Centre had closed down (around 1999) and the group had moved to the UQ Courts to play tennis, and to drink at the UQ Staff Club. Many of the new members came from the UQ at the time. 

Eventually, the group moved to the present Toowong Tennis Centre courts in Sylvan Road, Toowong. It was a shame but at this time, the drinks after tennis routine stopped, altough the Regatta is not that far away.


The Old Dogs know something:

"Health-focused research is now showing, that Exercise can be like Medicine"

so reports the American College of Sport Medicine. 


Present Players

This group has now been operating for many years and some of the members are still from those early beginnings at the old Milton Tennis Courts. So the group has demonstrated that tennis can be a sport for life. More importantly, tennis has allowed our members to remain active but at the same time enjoy the social interaction and camaraderie of the group. 

New Members

It is our wish and desire to ensure that this group continues to operate for a much longer time and that will only occur with new membership of all ages, to carry on this wonderful tradition of enjoying the game of tennis no matter what your age. At present we are playing on six days of the week with 8 sessions and needing to expand to take on the new membership.



Getting Here:

Right opposite the Corner Store Cafe, where you can get some great food and coffee after your game of tennis. 

Our Address:

105 Slyvan Road, Toowong 

Brisbane, 4066.

Barry 0412 59 66 33


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